Welcome to Baltic Soccer Club

Hello, my name is Brian Trexler, and I live and work in Baltic, Ohio.

My son is going into third grade. He and I share a love for soccer. He's been playing since he was 3 years old. We also love baseball and football.

I started my soccer career as a pre-teen and continued by playing varsity soccer in high school. I have years of experience coaching soccer, starting when I was 17.

We look forward to sharing our passion with this great community. This page was designed to hopefully answer any questions that you might have.


What is Baltic Soccer Club?

Baltic Soccer Club is a youth sports organization built to bring elementary and preschool soccer to children who would have to otherwise travel to another area to participate in a soccer program.

Is this a school program related to or run by the local district?

Baltic Soccer Club is not affiliated with or directly supported by the local school district. We are a community organization run with funding from commercial and industrial partners.

Who is allowed to play for this club?

In addition to serving Baltic, Dundee, Ragersville and Sugarcreek, we also serve the surrounding area in Tuscarawas, Holmes and Coshocton counties in Ohio. We welcome any child from preschool to 6th grade to participate, regardless of where they learn or home address. Home school and private school students are included.

How much does it cost to play?

Our club takes pride in seeking to offer some of the lowest registration fees in our area for families.

Registration for 1st through 6th grade is only $40. Registration for preschool and kindergarten is $30. All registration includes shirt for games, a free memory mate photo collage and a membership sticker.

What equipment do we need?

Soccer is generally less cost-prohibitive than most other sports for players.

Participants will need to have shin guards for practices and games. If they have a soccer ball, they are welcome to bring it to practice.

We provide the jersey, but players will need to have black shorts and black soccer socks for games. Elementary players will need cleats. For preschool and kindergarten, cleats are not required.

When are games and practices?

We offer two seasons each year for youth soccer, in the spring and fall. Our inaugural season is Fall 2022.

Each spring season runs from March to May and each fall season runs from August to October with practices in the evenings during the week and games normally on Saturday mornings.

Will this club ever offer soccer for older kids?

Yes, our goal is to eventually grow our club to offer soccer opportunities to anyone who is interested in playing.

Competitive and interscholastic soccer in the United States has grown exponentially in the
last decade, both in popularity and in level of play. Any successful youth soccer program should be built on a strong foundation of fundamental teaching. At this time, our team is focused on building that foundation.

Would high school soccer interfere with other high school sports?

Not every high school has the capacity or resources to offer a full lineup of high school sports. However, any community can come together to offer youth recreational and club sports.

Our vision is NOT to put pressure on any of the local school districts to add soccer as a varsity or school-sponsored sport. Instead, our club is focused on maximizing soccer opportunities in the community.

But if there is no varsity soccer, how could I get recruited for college/pro soccer?

As an organization funded with donations and corporate sponsorships, we are well positioned and better suited to promote young athletes for continued soccer opportunities with amateur and professional academy teams, youth national teams, and college recruitment.

The nature of our sport is that athletes involved in club soccer at a young age are more likely to continue playing at a higher level.

If you still have questions, please ask here.